The start of a band

Everyone's into Blogs these days, so who are we at Rehab not to jump on the bandwagon? Running a band and the 'adventures' we have might be interesting reading, at least it will be a historical reminder of how the band has developed over the year(s).

When we started Rehab Livvy and I just missed playing live having moved from South London. We played in different bands in those days which meant not seeing each other much when gigging. Moving to Petersfield meant starting a new band, this time together.

It started with just the two of us and a mini-disc player with backing tracks. If it sounds crap it was, although as I heaved the equipment out of the various pubs we played the audience would come up to Livvy and tell her (quite rightly) how great a singer she was. Meanwhile I was sweating and ignored, my playing probably wasn't up to scratch or they thought I was part of the backing track, anyway the singer always gets the credit!

Since those days the band has grown and we've had a number of changes, however we've been lucky to always have great quality players right from the beginning and believe me, they're not easy to find. We stil haven't found a keyboard player...

We've been going over 7 years now and it gets better every year. In each blog I (or another band member) will give our advice as to starting and (perhaps more importantly) maintaining a band. My first piece of advice starting a band? Find a vocalist that sings in a good key as they tend to always change them, usually at the last minute.

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